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3 reasons why your EDI solution is in good hands on IBM i

Availability, security, performance - there are many reasons why IBM i is a good choice as an operating system for companies. IBM i also plays to its strengths when it comes to EDI.

Note about i‑effect® and the Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

The vulnerability in the Log4j software component is currently being reported by many sites. i‑effect® is not affected by the security vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 in Log4j 2.x. However, in older versions of i‑effect®, version 1.2 of Log4j was used in the ZUGFeRD module. Even though this version is not affected by CVE-2021-44228, we recommend users of i‑effect® 2.7.62 (only the ZUGFeRD module) to update to the latest i‑effect® version due to another less critical vulnerability in Log4j 1.2 (CVE-2021-4104).

Blog Implementation and realization of EDI infrastructure Pic
Implementation and realization of an EDI infrastructure

In an EDI process there are always two processes to distinguish, the communication part and the conversion part. Thus, the first question to be answered is how the data is to be converted/translated, and the second question is how the communication/transmission is to take place. In the further course of this article, we will outline the individual steps of a typical process.

Welche Gründe sprechen für die Einführung einer EDI-Lösung bei KMUs?
Why SMEs should implement an EDI solution

Overall, the reasons for introducing an EDI solution are very diverse. Frequently, inquiries from customers and suppliers are the driver for dealing with this topic.

Stichtag für XRechnungen
Deadline for XRechnung: November 27, 2020

With XRechnung, the public administration in Germany has created a new standard for electronic invoices (eInvoices). Learn more about the XRechnung format.

ZUGFeRD-Format 2.0/2.1 – was ändert sich?
ZUGFeRD format 2.0/2.1 - how does it differ?

The fact that ZUGFeRD is a standardized data format for the exchange of electronic invoices is now generally known. After the publication of version 2.0 by the "Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland" (FeRD) in March 2019 (updated on October 15, 2019 with version 2.0.1), the next version is now already available since the end of March 2020: ZUGFeRD 2.1.

Die Top10 der EDIFACT-Standards und meistverwendeten Nachrichtenarten
The top 10 EDIFACT standards and most commonly used message types

EDIFACT has become the global standard for data transmission and has now become established in almost all sectors. The most varied business processes can be mapped with it and for almost every exchange process there is a corresponding message type - until today, there have been...

Warum braucht man ein EDI MAPPING?
What is an EDI mapping actually needed for?

In EDI traffic, where the exchange of data and thus information is concerned, mapping is needed to correctly assign data source (sender) and destination (recipient).

Welche Rolle spielen GLN und GTIN für EDI?
What role do GLN and GTIN play for EDI?

Barcodes can be found on every imaginable product today. They contain numerical information about their carrier. In economic cycles controlled by IT systems, this is indispensable today for...

Wie Sie CSV-Dateien mit i‑effect<sup>®</sup> in eine DB2-Datenbank konvertieren
How to convert CSV files into a DB2 database with i‑effect®

How to convert CSV data into a DB2 database using an EDI converter such as i‑effect®

OFTP2 oder AS2 – welches EDI-Protokoll wo einsetzen?
OFTP2 or AS2 - which EDI protocol to use where?

For B2B communication OFTP (ODETTE File Transfer Protocol) in the current version 2 and AS2 are frequently used protocols. So which one to use and when? The question of advantages and disadvantages wi

EDI-Konverter m@gic EDDY Alternative
No longer magic!

M@gic EDDY customers are better equipped early than late, the popular converter will no longer work for communication via X.400 from 2020. Why? Deutsche Telekom has announced that it will use the encr

AS2 das optimale EDI-Kommunikationsprotokoll
Why AS2 is the optimal EDI communication protocol

EDI communication with encryption on two levels, signature as well as integrity check and an automated acknowledgement of receipt make AS2 the perfect communication protocol in EDI traffic.

edi und eai in einem mit i‑effect<sup>®</sup>
EDI and EAI in one

An EAI system maps business processes across systems, an EDI solution such as i‑effect® can communicate in all directions and can be used as a data hub for an EAI solution.

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