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Why SMEs should implement an EDI solution

Abstract - Overall, the reasons for introducing an EDI solution are very diverse. Frequently, inquiries from customers and suppliers are the driver for dealing with this topic.

Friday, 27. August 2021
Welche Gründe sprechen für die Einführung einer EDI-Lösung bei KMUs?

External requests

External requests from business partners create some external pressure, which many companies use as an incentive to deploy a more modern communications solution.

External pressure & infrastructure:

The motivation for integrating a EDI solution may well be intrinsic, if it is correctly recognized that it will make you more attractive as a potential business partner. For example, the sales department does not have to ask IT first whether a potential customer can be connected if it is clear that EDI has already been established in the company.

The ever-increasing EDI business speaks for the introduction of EDI software. Isolated EDI requests and other data transmission and translation tasks can still be handled individually by the company's own programs. However, as soon as the number of tasks increases, there are many arguments in favor of a standard solution - as in all other (IT) work areas. This solution documents and monitors the EDI processes and allows the most intuitive, simple and ergonomic handling possible, for example, when creating EDI mappings, creating new connections or formulating new workflows.

Process and cost optimization:

With the help of EDI, entire processes can be optimized and thus many costs can be saved. It is obvious that automated processes that run in a machine and structured manner are more optimal and faster. By bypassing manual human intervention and media breaks, many errors can be avoided. The keyword EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) is also an interesting topic in this context, which is being recognized more and more frequently. Because not only the external data exchange can be considered with EDI, also internal interfaces e.g. between different software solutions can be controlled by EDI solutions.

Environmental protection:

Another increasingly important reason for electronic (& paperless) data exchange is certainly consideration for the environment: the less paper we transport with vehicles, the better!

(Local) flexibility:

The Corona pandemic has made it very clear to all of us how important home office and flexible working is. Quite a few documents, such as invoices once again, have gone unprocessed because they arrived at the office and not at the recipient's home office. With electronic solutions, you can be reached virtually anywhere at any time (flexibility).

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