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All integration tasks in the EDI cloud

With i‑effect® Cloud, you can solve your integration tasks in B2B. EDI, EAI or e-invoicing (ZUGFeRD & XRechnung). Without your own hosting. In our German data center. Within the EDI Cloud we offer you different types of operation: EDI Clearing or Public EDI Cloud or Private Cloud as EDI Managed Service.

i-effect edi-clearing-public-cloud

EDI Clearing
in the Public Cloud

Do you want to implement common EDI processes quickly and cost-effectively in the cloud? Then our EDI clearing center with EDI full service is right for you. We set up the processes for you and monitor EDI operations. You don't have to worry about anything else.

i-effect edi-managed-service-private-cloud

EDI Managed Service
in the private cloud

If EDI plays a central role for your company and you have high or individual requirements for an EDI platform, then the private cloud is the best choice for you. We provide you with your dedicated EDI platform incl. your own management interface.

The advantages of the i‑effect® cloud model

Fast EDI operation start
EDI connections with your partners are set up within a very short time.
Setup by EDI experts
Our EDI consultants set up EDI processes in consultation with you.
Get started with an EDI process without worrying about future scalability. 1 or 10,000 EDI messages: The platform can handle it with ease.
Full range of functions
Convert, send, receive EDI messages or model EDI workflows. All this is possible in the EDI Cloud.
No investment costs
You do not have to invest in software and hardware, but pay a monthly fee for use.
No EDI know-how necessary
You do not need specialist staff with EDI knowledge and therefore do not tie up valuable IT skills.
Connection to all systems
No matter which IT system (SAP, Infor, Dynamics, Magento or in-house development) you want to connect, we will find the right solution for you.
EDI partner management & EDI onboarding service
We take over all communication with your trading partners at eye level.
We master common EDI formats & transmission paths
EDIFACT, Odette VDA, CSV, XML, ANSI X12, SAP IDOC and flat files we convert of course. E-mail, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, OFTP2, HTTP and also X.400 are supported.
What is needed

to use the EDI Cloud?

At the beginning, the exact EDI requirements are coordinated together: With which partners do you want to exchange which messages, in which way and in which direction?

  • Trading partners
  • Message direction
  • Message type
  • Communication protocol
i-effect edi anbindung infografik

Once the exact requirements for the EDI implementation have been defined, it is determined with which of your IT systems the data must be processed or generated. After the system and its interface have been identified, the secure data exchange between the i‑effect® Cloud and your system is set up.

Three steps for
EDI data exchange in the cloud:

  • Trading partner setup
  • Prepare enterprise interface
  • Test, go-live and EDI monitoring

Which EDI application form is the most suitable?

EDI clearing, EDI managed service, EDI cloud or even EDI outsourcing - the names for the implementation of your requirement from the EDI area can be different.

Don't let this unsettle you and contact us to find out together which solution is the right one for you.

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