i-effect 2.7 New Features

EDI- and data conversion with i-effect®

The integrated solution on the IBM Power Systems.

With i-effect® you can implement EDI-conversion EDI-communication automation data-conversion signature encryption archiving compression directly on the IBM Power Systems.

Our standard solution creates a
central communications platform for your electronic commerce.

Convert your data into any standard format


With the help of the functionality of our EDI-converter in i-effect® you can convert different data formats, for example: EDI messages, IBM i files, pc formats or database entries as well as ERP files. The converter gives you the possibility to change origin formats, that you use inhouse, into message formats of common EDI standards (for example: UN/EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA, ANSI X12, etc.). Our graphical EDI-Mapping module MAPGUI helps you to create and care your EDI-Mappings so that you always have an overview of your processes.

EDI conversion IBM i

Transfer your EDI messages secure and reliable

Supported formats: AS2 AS4 EMAIL FTP HTTP OFTP OFTP2 SOA

If you want to transfer EDI messages to your business partner you can choose between different communication protocols. On this occasion you can select between transmission channels that depend on the sector and others which are not depending on any sector. With the help of the communication modules of i-effect®, data can be transferred automated, secure and efficient to your business partners. And this with a high number of possible communication modules (*AS2, *OFTP, *EMAIL, etc.).

Automate your processes on the IBM i

To manage your business processes and your whole EDI-workflow on the IBM i, our module *SERVER offers extensive possibilities for the automation and monitoring of the functions and procedures. For the automated processing of files or for the control of the process you have to define time and/or event-driven tasks.


Use our i-effect® addons: compression, administration or high availability

Take advantage of our addon´s for the appreciation of your processes. So you can compress data natively on IBM i by using the i-effect® *ZIP. With the freely available graphical administration interface *WEBCONTROL you keep track of all the processes which are running in i-effect®. With *IASP you provide the necessary protection for business critical systems.

Native on Power Systems

i-effect® is the only IBM Power Systems solution, which controls the complete workflow and lifecycle of electronic data interchange.

Graphical installation

Installation and update of i-effect® with the help of our graphical installer without using the greenscreen.


Graphical administration

The graphical web interface i-effect® webcontrol enables an intuitive control, management and monitoring of your EDI processes and server workflows.

Modular structure

i-effect® is a modular built standard software which offers you the possibility to choose from our modules to tailor your individual needs to your business.

i-effect® Webcontrol

The graphical User-interface

We are proud of the good collaboration with our customers.

More than 600 customers in over 30 different countries are using i-effect®



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