Kazenmaier: Flexible Integration
of XRechnung and ZUGFeRD

Electronic document exchange is becoming the standard. With i‑effect®, Kazenmaier Fleetservice integrated the option to generate new invoice formats with one click from existing applications. menten accompanied the sometimes complex adaptations of the backend until the successful practical launch of the new file formats.


Challenge: Grown infrastructure

„We had special requirements for the new solution, which limited the choice of provider," reports Tobias Krahl, IT manager at Kazenmaier. In order not to complicate the IT infrastructure and to continue using existing applications, the new tool had to fit seamlessly into these existing processes. Instead of generating the new formats from the individual print programs, the tool had to access the central data table for this purpose.

Kazenmaier's IT implementation partner iTEC knew menten GmbH and contacted them. It quickly became apparent that i‑effect®, thanks to its modular structure, would be flexible enough to work in the technically challenging situation. "We didn't need a graphical user interface, but wanted to integrate via interfaces on the physical tables," explains software developer and consultant Georg Schiendzielorz from iTEC.

To reduce the risk for Kazenmaier and iTEC, menten offered Georg Schiendzielorz to test i‑effect® free of charge. In a proof of concept, he could check whether the technologies actually harmonized and the handling met his expectations. His conclusion: "menten has a very good solution on offer that was perfect for our application.“

i-effect EDI-Anwenderbericht Kazenmaier

In the shortest time to the first go-live

i-effect EDI-Anwenderbericht Kazenmaier

It took about eight weeks from the decision for i‑effect® to the first dispatch of the new invoice formats. "The internal coordination and preparations took a little longer," recalls Tobias Krahl. However, the internal preparation time was important, he says. "You should get clarity on your own invoicing requirements and make sure that your own systems are ready for the implementation." At Kazenmaier, this meant installing the latest OS version and setting up a suitable test system before implementation.

IT partner iTEC took over the integration of i‑effect® into the backend and the configuration. Georg Schiendzielorz is convinced of the application itself, only the online documentation could be improved in his view. "You can tell that it was written by experts who assume a lot of knowledge." His feedback was particularly valuable to menten. After all, Kazenmaier was one of the first customers of the new invoice formats and the feedback from the field helped to optimize the instructions.

Fit for future developments with new technology

For Tobias Krahl and his colleagues in accounting, there was no sign of the technical challenges. "I simply had to install the application. To my one or two questions, menten has always responded quickly." Now the employees use their familiar application environment. They use check marks to indicate once in which format the documents should be generated for a customer. Not only public authorities, but all customers can choose between different electronic document formats.

„In the future, this will be a service advantage for us," Tobias Krahl is certain. "Digitization is playing an ever greater role and at some point electronic invoice formats such as ZUGFeRD will simply be expected by business partners.“

i-effect EDI-Anwenderbericht Kazenmaier

About Kazenmaier Fleetservice GmbH

As a brand-neutral leasing company, Kazenmaier Fleetservice GmbH offers digitized leasing solutions and full services for e-vehicles, thermal vehicles, hydrogen cars and bicycles in the service bike model. One of the company's focal points is the operationalization of government subsidy programs for the German government's electromobility market ramp-up. By cooperating with the Federal Ministries of the Environment and Transport, Kazenmaier is one of the first leasing companies to enable its customers to access subsidies for electromobility without detours or effort.

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As a business partner of public institutions and authorities, Kazenmaier is obliged to convert its invoice format from PDF to XRechnung. Existing processes should be changed as little as possible and existing applications should continue to be used.

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In cooperation with iTEC Services and menten, Kazenmaier implemented i‑effect®. The existing applications were only minimally changed in the front end, and the necessary technical changes were integrated into the systems in the back end.

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Today, Kazenmaier can comply with the legal requirements for document creation with just a few clicks. At the same time, the company is strengthening its service: because new invoice formats (XRechnung, ZUGFeRD) can be offered to all customers with the new technology. Anyone who settles accounts with public-sector customers is now obliged to send and receive electronic receipts in an approved format. Since Kazenmaier regularly works with public institutions and authorities, the company was affected by the change in the law. The PDF invoices it previously used did not meet the requirements. Instead, the company had to switch to XRechnung and ZUGFeRD.

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