i‑effect® system requirements

In order to use i‑effect® effectively and to its full extent on your system, certain requirements must be met.

Please note the necessary requirements for the use of i‑effect®. If you have any questions regarding the system requirements, please contact our support.

The table below shows the lifecycle of the different i‑effect® versions. We recommend that you always use the latest i‑effect® version. If this is not possible, please make sure that you do not use a version that has already been discontinued.
Version Minimum IBM i Maximum IBM i Status
2.8 announced
2.7 7.1 7.4 released
2.6 6.1 7.3 released
2.5 6.1 7.2 released
2.4 6.1 7.1 discontinued
2.3 6.1 7.1 discontinued
2.2 6.1 7.1 discontinued
2.1 V5R3M0 7.1 discontinued
1.7 V5R3 7.1 discontinued
1.6 V5R3M0 6.1 discontinued
i‑effect® Life Cycle

Tool for automatic checking of system requirements

Download and run the i‑effect® System Check to determine if your system meets all necessary system requirements. The i‑effect® System Check examines the operating system, installed single PTFs, group PTFs and other components for known compatibility problems.

Download System Check
System Check

Required group and single PTFs (version-dependent):

1. choose your i‑effect® version:
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