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i‑effect® *ZIP is the native compression software for the IBM Power Systems that has a high compression rate, up to 10% of the original size, which gives you 90% more storage space. i‑effect® *ZIP also supports Zip64 with file sizes more than 4 GB and is, therefore, excellent for hard disk backups. i‑effect® *ZIP has all the special features of the IBM Power Systems: it compresses and decompresses spooled files, save files, and physical files. i‑effect® covers all CCSID and can convert between ASCII and EBCDIC.

i‑effect® *ZIP‘s compression technology is compatible with WINZIP™ and GZIP, BZip2, XZ and LZMA, which are available on many platforms (WINDOWS, DOS, UNIX, VMS, etc.).

WinZip compatibility for IBM Power Systems and IBM i

Thus, ZIP files can be distributed across platforms. Including functions for creating, adding, deleting, extracting, and displaying zip archives, i‑effect® *ZIP is 100% compatible with other archive software and is therefore the ideal support for exchanging data with other systems and platforms.


  • Creates ZIP files natively on the IBM i
  • Compression of spool, IFS, physical DB2 files (PF-DTA, PF-SRC) and save files in ZIP
  • For administering ZIP archives it is possible to choose the input file system as well as the output file system. This way it is possible to compress and decompress directly between DB/2 and IFS
  • Zip64 automatically for files larger than 4GB
  • Encrypts files with ZIP or with AES
  • Depending on the target system, where the file will be used, different CCSIDs can be selected for the uncompressed data, ASCII and EBCDIC
  • Decompression with any WinZip compatible software
  • Function for license-free decompression

Supported archive formats:

  • Zip, Zip64, AR, CPIO, Tar, 7z (inkl. COPY, LZMA2, DEFLATE, BZIP2), JAR (inkl. pack200) sowie ARJ und DUMP

Supported formats compressor:

  • Gzip, BZIP2, XZ, LZMA

Recipients can also unpack files

With i‑effect® *ZIP you can generate self-extracting archives in .exe format, so that the user does not need their own compression software to open the file.

Unpacking functions are included with i‑effect® free of charge, so that i‑effect®® can be installed on the recipient side without a license key, in order to extract ZIP archives. IBM Power Systems spoolfiles and save files can be transferred to outside or new systems without any problems. The data can be saved, re-built, or spread over several systems to save space.

Compression in an automatic workflow

You would like to archive your invoices from your IBM Power Systems (System i, iSeries, AS/400)? Let the output queue for the billing run control by the module *SERVER.

All i‑effect® functional processes can be automated or controlled by menue with the additional module *SERVER: *SERVER prompt the Spool-Converter i‑effect® *SPOOL to convert every Spool-listing with certain, particular characteristics into an PDF format. After sending the PDF format with i‑effect® *MAIL or *FAX to the customer, you use *ZIP to compress these PDF files and to archive them in an ZIP-archive. In combination with the module *CRYPT it is possible to encrypt the ZIP-archives in accordance with the AES-standard, so that they are protected from unauthorized access.

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