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SLSRPT (Sales Data Report)

SLSRPT is a message type based on the UN/EDIFACT standard for the electronic retail purchasing process. The purpose of the SLSRPT message is to provide sales information for one or more locations for a set of products within a specified time period.

The messages are generated via the vendor's ERP system and then converted into the specific EDIFACT SLSRPT version agreed upon by the trading partners. Once received, this data can be imported into the trading partner's system, and can be used as the basis for all future production and planning.

When SLSRPT messages are sent, this sales data is passed on to the trading partners:

  • Place of sale
  • Period during which the product was sold
  • Product labeling
  • Pricing (selling price, quantity and turnover)
  • Additional identification of products, such as promotional flags, product group identification, and internal identification numbers
  • Regular sales of a specified location
  • Global specified product sales, i.e., total sales of a product at all locations
  • Sales channel, market segment, end use
  • Identification of distributors

The recipient may further process this sales information electronically for production, planning, marketing, statistical purposes. Although the message is location-based, it is possible for the recipient to process the data to derive information based on other variables, such as a specific product and all associated sales locations and/or addresses, or periodic sales and associated locations.

Sales data reports contain a wide range of segments and data specific to EDIFACT SLSRPT logic. The Sales Data Report message is sent, received, and processed by a EDI solution. The solution may be an EDI cloud service or EDI software for internal use. It is important to follow the defined EDIFACT SLSRPT standards to avoid errors.

The use of EDI, and in particular the SLSRPT document, offers many benefits to both the customer and their trading partners:

  • Workload of employees is minimized
  • Better data quality through direct computer-to-computer communication
  • Reduction of paper consumption and administrative work
  • Full supply chain transparency
  • Closer integration of suppliers and point of sales (PoS) in the retail sector
  • Better accuracy in planning and forecasting
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