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Telebox - AS2 Gateway: Take advantage of the EDIINT-AS2-Gateway instead of expensive VAN networks.

There are several ways to access the Telebox (telephone network, modem, ISDN, Datex-P). Select the type of access required for your individual needs or existing installations. As a sales partner of T-Systems, we can offer you assistance at any time. Place your order with us, and we’ll provide you with BusinessMail X.400.

Background to Telebox X.400

BusinessMail X.400 is based on the X.400 standard, which ensures reliable, electronic exchange of sensitive business data within a worldwide communications network. The VAN (Value Added Network) service is based on the store-and-forward system: incoming and outgoing EDI messages are stored and retrieved in and from a mailbox. i‑effect® *TELEBOX is a native IBM Power Systems connector with which you can transmit your business data between X.400 systems using the BusinessMail X.400 service of T-Systems. In combination with the EDI-converter, *EDIFACT, i‑effect® *TELEBOX offers the communications component for your complete EDI solution on IBM Power Systems. *TELEBOX can also be combined with other i‑effect® modules.


Functions can be menu-controlled or completely automated by using the *SERVER module.

  • Point-to-multiple-point transfer
  • Automatic restart in case of a transmission cut-off
  • Logbook (Detailed protocol regarding all activities)

AS2 Gateway

Telebox users save big by transferring their data using the AS2 Gateway of T-Systems. EDI messages are still transmitted to the same X.400 addresses of their partners; No configurations must be made on the partner’s side. Trading partners can transfer their data without having access to the AS2 Gateway as before. The data is routed through the AS2 Gateway to the new AS2 Port.

i‑effect® *AS2 is the native IBM i application for data transfer via EDI-INT AS2. The highly integrated modules *TELEBOX and *AS2 can also be combined. As business partner of T-Systems, we will help you set up your AS2 Gateway.


  • Transmits every type of business documents
  • Flexible use
  • Uses universal standard technology
  • High security standards
  • Fast ROI due to low operating costs
  • Fast implementation
  • De facto standard for B2B messaging
  • High availability
  • Security: data cannot be opened in transit
  • Reliability and uncontestable due to transmission/reception confirmation (MDN)
  • Integrity: data protected from manipulation
  • Authenticity of Sender and Recipient guaranteed
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