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Qualified signature (*SIGG), which conforms to the German (SigG) and US eSign Act (15 U.S.C ch.96)

SIGG Digital Signature Act EDI IBM

The signature operations run server-based on IBM i (POWER-Blade, System i, iSeries, AS/400) . The signature session can be easily set up with the help of the graphical interface. *SIGG consists of a i5/OS client, which creates the signature job, and a Java-based signatur server for processing. The signature is attached to the document in a closed system environment, which guarantees highest security protection.

Application of *SIGG

EDI PDF mapping transmission

Creation, transmission of messages with a qualified digital signature

The i‑effect® *SPOOL module convert printer streams into the desired file format and sign them with a qualified digital signature. The validity of the signed file is then tested and a copy is saved with a test report in the Infostore archive. The signed file can be sent via *AS2, *EMAIL, *OFTP, *TELEBOX, *HTTP or *FTP.

Legally Compliant

In German electronic communication business the so-called qualified electronic signature replaces the personal signature. It is a sort of digital signature which is defined in the German Electronic Signature Act, shortly SigG. It is an advanced digital signature which is based on a qualified certificate valid at the time of signature and which is created by a secure-signature-creation device. The Signature Act backs the authenticity of the signature by strict technical requirements to the signing software. i‑effect® *SIGG meets the requirements, which are proofed by a manufacturer declaration to the legislator.


  • qualified electronic signature for sending and receiving electronic invoices corresponding to German turnover tax law
  • mass signatures
  • multiple generation of signatures through simultaneous usage of card readers
  • Supports die signature generation for PDF (Adobe Reference 1.6) as P7S, P7M, and PKCS7 and for EDIFACT S4
  • support of standard PKCS#11 for access to chip card (Cryptographic Token Interface Standard)
  • detail display of token info
  • detail display of certificate info
  • automated transmission via e-mail, e-fax, AS2, TELEBOX, FTP, OFTP (optional)

Chip card slot

  • overview display of all available slots
  • slot filter: display of slots applicable for mass signature
  • setting and settlement of individual attributes for the validity of signature session per slot
  • automated deactivation of slots when preset number of signatures is reached
  • automated evaluation of a signature session's validity

Monitoring of signature operations

  • display of signature requests (control of not yet signed documents) corresponding to legal requirements
  • status display of finished and deficient jobs, signature jobs in queue, buffered jobs
  • automated restart of buffered jobs
  • job saving in case of stopped signature server and system crash

Logging of signature server jobs

  • logging of each job event in i‑effect® logbook
  • content display of separate log files
  • overview of jobs in queue
  • option for manual deleting of several deficient server jobs

Integration of PDF signature

  • visualized, covered
  • precise positioning according to page number
  • precise positioning according to page coordinates
  • enter cause for signature
  • enter identity of signature owner corresponding to legal requirements
  • precise positioning of underlying picture
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