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Database systems export DB

DB2EXPORT - Direct exports from DB2 data in tabular formats - Management and specialist departments require up-to-date and consistent data to make trend-setting decisions. Most reliable business data is provided by the data base itself. On the one hand queries should provide homogeneous information in standardised format and regular time intervals. On the other hand, the processing of data base queries must be possible for different departments at any time on short notice. Mostly, inhouse data base specialists are in charge of data provision but because of lack of time they cannot process it as flexible as favoured by the specialist departments.

Conventional software converts DB2 files into spooled files before passing them on to the output queue for further format conversion or for printing. Due to the flat text format of the spooled file, the tabular structure of DB2 files is getting lost through conversion and has to be re-built afterwards in order to allow further processing. Therefore, it is necessary that a license program for database queries be already installed on the system (e.g. IBM Query für i5/OS).

What makes i‑effect® *DBEXPORT special is the direct conversion from DB2 into XML, Excel XLS, CSV, HTML, TXT and PDF per push-technology. A data base query can be processed in equal measure through a defined file name, query or SQL statement. You can select every *DBEXPORT call from the i‑effect® logbook and re-process every pre-defined or saved query and SQL query statements.

Another new feature is the direct import of Excel data into DB2. From the i‑effect® logbook display all i‑effect® *DB2EXPORT views and run them again, also predefined / stored query and SQL queries can be reused.

Optimal added value for your reporting workflow is achieved by automation with i‑effect® module *SERVER which automates all i‑effect® functions. DB2 files are converted event-driven or according to a schedule and distributed to the recipient. Regular, one-time or rather time-critical exports are guaranteed even in case of sudden or longer shortfall of staff. The conversion process runs in the background ( submit job ) with ideal performance and velocity.

To distribute your reports to their recipients, you may combine *DBEXPORT with all of i‑effect®'s communication modules: *EMAIL, *FAX, *FTP, *AS2, *TELEBOX, *OFTP.

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