X12 Datenübertragung Standard

Any2Any - With i‑effect® *CSV it is possible to map, convert and integrate data to and from CSV format. Map data in any imaginable combination between EDIFACT (with all Subsets), XML, FlatFile (SAP iDoc), CSV, ANSI X.12, TRADACOMS or databases (DB2, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle) without limits and in an automated enviroment. This maximizes productivity and provides faster and more effective processing.


  • Multiple messages per interchange
  • Automatic syntax check
  • Code list check
  • Automatic message recognition

i‑effect® *X12 supports the following standards:

  • ASCX12, Version 2001
  • ASCX12, Version 2002
  • ASCX12, Version 2003
  • ASCX12, Version 2040
  • ASCX12, Version 2042
  • ASCX12, Version 3010 bis 3070
  • ASCX12, Version 4010 bis 4060
  • ASCX12, Version 5010 bis 5040

Please note:

Standard UN-EDIFACT format descriptions are included in the i‑effect® software maintenance service; any others can be obtained by the customer for an extra charge according to menten's range of services. An existing customer XSD can be used for i‑effect® *XML. For further information please contact our sales team.