m@gic EDDY

What is m@gic EDDY?

m@gic EDDY is an EDI converter that was developed and distributed by B&N Software AG. In 2007 it was sold to Crossgate AG, which in turn was taken over by SAP in 2011. Shortly before the takeover, the corresponding maintenance contracts were terminated, so that customers had to look for new possibilities. In its heyday, there were approximately 1,000 medium-sized companies using m@gic EDDY, mostly AS/400 users. Nevertheless, m@gic EDDY is still in use today (as of 2019).

As a database-supported EDI converter, it was m@gic EDDY's task to transmit various digital data, but above all documents such as invoices, delivery notes and orders. For this purpose, all then as now common formats such as XML, EDIFACT, IDOC, ODETTE or VDA were used. For each registered business process, a documentation was created that described the field assignment using a standard EDI table. Of course, communication channels such as SMTP, FTP, HTTP or X.400 were also required.

Following Telekom's announcement to operate the X.400 communication platform BusinessMail with a new client from 2020 for security reasons, at least X.400 users must now look for modern EDI software solutions.