IBM iSeries high availability AS400 Power-System IASP

High availability on IBM i

XSM creates two identical copies of an independent storage pools (iASP) at two different locations to guarantee high availability and disaster recovery. System locations can be close to one another or in two different geographical locations, depending on individual requirements. The image on the primary system is the production copy; the image on the back-up system is an identical copy. During work with i‑effect® the iASP of the primary system is used. XSM copies all changes in the storage pool of the primary system in the order they were made on the secondary system. A greater deal of security and availability are guaranteed, in case of disaster, with an identical copy on the back-up system.

With IBM i operating system's Cluster Support switches automatically to the back-up system, or copy of the independent storage pool. Down time is thus minimized. Planned switches are also supported. Installation of new application versions for test purposes or recommended testing of back-up availability is possible at the application level with i‑effect®.