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Modular solution for perfect data integration i-effect® The synergy of EDI and data integration.

The IBM i Solution Suite i-effect® is server based. native on IBM i. sector independent. modular. personalized.

What i-effect® can do

Intelligent modular System

As expected, the i-effect® Solution Suite is an intelligent modular system, which customers can tailor their business’ individual needs: EDI or Spool conversion, or simple data compression on the IBM Power Systems.

Grasp Opportunities, Secure Growth

IT environments are getting smaller, markets and opportunities are growing. The demands on an IT environment’s complexity and flexibility are growing at the same time. Conventional software solutions, therefore, reach their limit more quickly and more often than ever before.

Added Value in All Areas

The new i-effect® Solution Suite offers vital added value in all areas in the smallest detail: more performance, more conversions, more data security, more efficiency, more market opportunities, more ergonomics, more flexibility, more comfort, and finally, more profitability thanks to the performance of the IBM Power Systems.

Administration with a Web Interface(Webcontrol)

The new graphical user interface from i-effect® WebControl enables intuitive control, management, and monitoring of the i-effect® installation after the modern web 2.0 functionality directly on the IBM Power Systems.

The Gauge of Profitability and Flexibility

Using the newest EDI standards, the i-effect® Solution Suite makes it easy, even for beginners, to convert without error-causing changes in the storage media and at a high level: profit from its flexibility and easy handling.

High Availability with XSM and iASP

i-effect® supports in-house Cross-Site-Mirroring and is completely iASP compatible. iASP is a high availability solution from IBM. It creates a complete mirror i-effect® software installation on a second system and enables easy switching/restoration between the two systems.

We're not the only ones excited happy about i-effect®.

Over 600 customers in 30 countries are usung i-effect®.