OFTP2 EDI Zertifikat i‑effect<sup>®</sup> IBM AS400

OFTP2 - i‑effect® receives certification for OFTP2

Even higher security in B2B communication on IBM i and IBM Power Systems with certified EDI solution i‑effect® from menten.

menten GmbH's i‑effect® solution for electronic data exchange, EDI and data conversion and integration has now been certified by Odette for the latest version 2 of the OFTP communication standard. i‑effect® has supported the standard since its introduction; with this certification, the software now officially meets all requirements for a secure and smooth exchange of electronic data (EDI) in the automotive sector and other industries.

OFTP2 as successor of OFTP (Odette FTP) is the protocol for point-to-point data exchange according to Odette standard. It is mainly used for electronic commerce between car manufacturers and their suppliers. However, it is also used by financial service providers (clearing), in the chemical industry and in the transport sector. IBM i and IBM Power Systems are often used in these industries.

The data exchange takes place with OFTP2 via the Internet. Thanks to signature and SSL/TLS encryption, OFTP2 meets very high standards in terms of authenticity and integrity of messages and makes them safe from interception and manipulation of any kind. As a provider of the EDI solution with one of the broadest functionalities, menten GmbH also advises its customers on the conversion from OFTP to OFTP2 and thus helps them to modernise their EDI environment.

You will now find i‑effect® on the list of certified and recommended software solutions for the operation of an OFTP2 server or client: