WebControl - Graphical Administration Interface of the i-effect® Solution Suite

The new graphical user interface from i-effect® WebControl enables intuitive control, management, and monitoring of the i-effect® installation after the modern web 2.0 functionality directly on the IBM Power Systems.

i-effect® WebControl is easy to understand and use. An integrated logbook offers a quick overview of diverse logbook entries regarding session, documents, processes, and partners, while master data management offers quick and easy configuration of i-effect® software solution. Individual settings can be set for every user and several i-effect® versions can be managed on one. i-effect® WebControl runs natively on the IBM i using the ZendServer as well as direct and efficient access to the DB2.

Status Display and System Monitoring

The web interface offers various displays and diagrams with the most important live information for optimum monitoring of i-effect®.

A system overview displays the i-effect® systems with information regarding current CPU usage, threads, and the number of active and waiting jobs. Colored symbols offer a quick overview of the complete system status and make it easy to recognize job aborts and diagnostic messages. The module overview offers an overview of the status and error rate of existing i-effect® modules and links directly to logbook entries and their corresponding sessions. A line graph creates a statistical overview of transmitted and received objects, the whole session appearance and all i-effect® program processes. This system information and diagrams can be varied according to time, so that information regarding the current time and longer periods of time can be displayed. All status displays for live system monitoring can be set for refresh at a user defined time (e.g. every 5 seconds).


Along with the display of sessions, actions, documents and partners, there is a new process tracking, which provides a detailed overview of all i-effect® processing steps within particular operations. The multifaceted filter and search functions help the administrator find the relevant entries and see individual activities and objects clearly by using links within the logbook.

User definable columns and sorting offer a wide range of display options of the program interface. Incomplete sessions are automatically stored as tasks, and it is possible to mark every further session as a task. User comments offer quick and easy access to important information from entries in Task Management. With i-effect® WebControl, commands can be run directly from a browser and their parameters can be edited with a convenient mask. The document view can display and save existing data and archive files by clicking on them, while process tracking displays the individual processing steps (e.g. reception, conversion, archiving). The partner view, however, lists all the processes in groups according to partners. It also shows information on the time and type of the last activity, that links directly to the corresponding documents, sessions, and processes.

Individual Settings

i-effect® WebControl offers comprehen-sive, user-specific settings. Basic settings as well as user-defined quick links, preferred languages, individual starting pages, and the required i-effect® Version can be configured in a clear menu. Individual filters for every page and for specific data selection can be saved and loaded. Settings for fields, sorting, status displays, and others are automatically saved and loaded after the next login. All settings are saved centrally within i-effect® and can be saved and restored using the interface.

Print Versions

All print versions on the system can be called up with their own view. This will display all i-effect® print versions or the ones of a selected user. Print versions can be held, released, and rerun with a selectable server entry. In addition, they can be exported in many file formats directly from a browser.

Platform and Device Independent

i-effect® WebControl supports many internet browsers including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. i-effect® WebControl is completely web-based and therefore platform-independent. It is not necessary to install browser plug-ins or similar programs on the client, only JavaScript is required. This enables use in many different environments, for example on internet-capable devices and internet tablets.

Features of the grafical Administration Interface

  • Multi-lingual (german, english)
  • Multi-version
  • Multi-user (User ID)
  • Individual settings for every user
  • Auto refresh of status displays and logbook (configurable intervals)
  • Search functions and filters
  • File export in many formats
  • Freikonfigurierbares Dashboard

System requirements

  • i-effect® version 2.2 or higher
  • PHP version 5.3.8 or higher, ZendServer Community Edition version 5.6.0 or higher, Zend Framework version 1.11.10 or higher (available for free)
  • EasyCom for PHP – AURA equipments

System overview with

  • Clearly structured diagrams with important live information on the i-effect® system
  • Status and CPU usage of i-effect® subsystems with information on active and pending threads and jobs
  • Real-time module overwiev with direct links to current diagnostic and error reports
  • Fast recogniction of job aborts, crash downs or failures; display of the percentage error rate
  • Status display for current objects and sessions within a freely definable period of time