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i-effect® SpoolTools Package

Spool file conversion is an essential part of data integration on the IBM Power Systems. The package contains all necessary components to introduce the data conversion and communication with i-effect®. SpoolTools Infographic

With i-effect® output queues can be monitored and spooled files can be converted or sent via email when new print versions arrive. Also contained in *SERVER comes the time- and eventdriven automation, which execute planned processes at certain times, weekly or weekdays. It is also possible to export semantic spool content in Excel and XML.

i-effect® SpoolTools Package overview


Central control of all modules. Base module of all i-effect® implementations. Contains WebControl.


i-effect® workflow automation and management of other processes and applications.


Converts SCS, AFPDS, IPDS, Spool´s into PC formats such as PDF, XML, XLS ..


Send and receive e-mails directly with IBM i.


Report definitions for outputs in XML, XLS and DB2.


Even more printer data streams (AFPDSLINE & PCL) auditable PDF/A, spool splitting and formatting.

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Spool Conversion with the Technological World Market Leader


Spool file conversion is an essential part of data integration on the IBM Power Systems. While archived files on other systems usually can be processed easily, spooled files are available in a proprietary data stream format. Originally developed for print on IBM printers, spooled files can also be converted into PC output formats to integrate IBM i data into business workflow and electronic document management. i-effect® converts all IBM data streams (SCS, AFPDS, IPDS, AFPDSLINE, PCL ). Using i-effect®’s Spool Converter, you can target the delivery of your spooled files for further processing of your business data.

The i-effect® *SPOOL module gives you 136 parameters for spool data conversion.


EDI conversion IBM i

EMAIL - B2B Channel for Low Transmission Volumes

Native E-mail Communication on IBM i

E-mail communication has been a basic application in business life for many years now. E-mail is not only used for communication but also information storage and the documentation of business workflow.

E-mail is an especially important mode of external data exchange for B2B from SMU, for example for online purchasing or selling. E-Mail requests, e-mail newsletters, and electronic advertisements have become standard procedures.

i-effect® *EMAIL is a native IBM i application for sending and receiving emails on IBM Power Systems. i-effect® sends and receives all IBM i objects, such as spooled files, ZIP archives, IFS, and DB/2 files, as well as the dispatch of MIME attachments to a user-defined number of (copy) recipients. In combination with i-effect® *SPOOL, you can convert spool fi les into PDF and all common PC and graphic formats, and then you can e-mail them to external business partners or internal to single departments with any SMTP mail server.

Even more communication modules: AS2 AS4 FTP HTTP OFTP OFTP2 SOA

Automate your processes on the IBM i

To manage your business processes and your whole EDI-workflow on the IBM i, our module SERVER offers extensive possibilities for the automation and monitoring of the functions and procedures. For the automated processing of files or for the control of the process you have to define time and/or event-driven tasks.


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i-effect® was able to convince us by meeting our demands with its flexible, low maintenance structure and a good cost/performance ratio.

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Frau Martina KühnelProject Manager
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i-effect® is an integrated system and unitized application. A System i solution, which adapts to our requirements.

Herr Ulrich KottwitzIT Director
Conmetall GmbH & Co. KG

i-effect®´s stability, its easy handling, and the professional consultation were all convincing.

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