Your way with i‑effect®

The manufacturer pulls some software products out of the drawer, the sales department sells them - and the customer is then left to his own devices for installation, setup and operation. With i‑effect® the way is another one. From initial contact to training, menten offers its customers a service package that can be described as "all-round supply in EDI matters". Companies of all sizes appreciate the advantage of a dynamic team, where you have a fast connection to fixed contact persons and receive unbureaucratic support. There are no telephone queues or unprocessed support tickets in menten's service philosophy.

This starts with the first meeting. Here a fundamental consultation already takes place: What exactly is EDI? Is it at all the right instrument for the desired purpose? Do customer requirements and menten solutions match? And if so, how should the system be structured, with which message types should one start?

Ihr weg mit i‑effect<sup>®</sup>

It starts with the installation

Once the decision has been made to use i‑effect®, the installation starts. menten sets up the system so that it is fully executable. The subsystem start is automated, the graphical mapper and the plug-ins required for Eclipse are installed, WebControl is set up. By the way, menten offers such an installation even before the purchase within the evaluation phase. This allows users to see in advance how the system works before they make their final decision.

Dienstleistungen - es beginnt mit der installation

All about mapping

The installation is usually followed by the creation and adaptation of mappings, i.e. the conversion from format A to the standardized format B. Some customers create their own mappings, but most of them fall back on the mappings already offered by i‑effect® in the first phase. These templates serve as a kind of orientation for mappings that you create yourself later. During the entire runtime of i‑effect®, regular adjustments to the mappings are necessary, e.g. if a business partner requires new message formats. Here menten supports its customers in creating and adapting the mappings.

Dienstleistungen - alles rund ums mapping


Once a mapping is in place, it must be brought up and running in the customer system - the implementation phase. This includes setting up workflows and error notifications, configuring the partner master, defining communication parameters, and so on. This way i‑effect® knows what to do. The same applies of course to any other i‑effect® functionality such as encryption, compression or communication.

Dienstleistungen - implementierung

Individual programming

If a much-needed function is not mapped in the standard system, menten can develop it itself in the course of individual programming. Certain table views in WebControl for example or other filter/reporting options. i‑effect® is therefore not a product from the drawer, but lives from the suggestions of its users and is constantly supplemented and improved. The monitoring tool WebControl also originates from a specific customer inquiry. Meanwhile it belongs to the standard scope.

Dienstleistungen - individualprogrammierung


Once all mappings are complete and implementation is complete, the daily work for the company begins with the EDI solution. Here menten provides workshops, training and consulting services, answers all questions about setting up additional partners, creating new mappings, handling web control, importing licenses and much more. - an all-round supply in matters of EDI!

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