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IBM Insider: menten Took Part in the POW3R Congress in Hanover

The IBM Power Community met at Congresscentrum Wienecke XI. in Hanover, Germany, on 10 and 11 April 2018. The latest industry trends are regularly presented and discussed at the congress of Midrange magazine and the user community ‘common’. menten informed POW3R participants about EDI in the IBMi environment and also gave a presentation on the topic.

In addition to connecting with existing customers at the company’s own exhibition stand, menten also generated new leads and initiated new projects. In light of the upcoming ISDN replacement, for example, many companies are currently faced with the task of renewing their EDI structure. Companies must also rethink the topic of EDI against the background of corporate centralization.

In this context, menten has identified a trend that is especially prevalent among small and medium-sized enterprises: Users are once again increasingly opting for in-house EDI solutions. The advantage here is that companies can solve problems independently using suitable tools (such as MAPGUI or WEBCONTROL) and are thus not dependent on long response times from manufacturers or service providers. menten also stands to benefit from this trend.

Achieving process agility through modernization or the new development of applications was one of the core topics at POW3R in Hanover. Administrators, developers and database specialists took advantage of workshops offered during the fair to update their expertise in supporting mobile digital business processes based on modern methods. IBM gave a keynote speech on what Watson is all about and how this groundbreaking technology is already the basis of real cognitive solutions today.