QSL Northern Europe EDI QuickEDD HA Solution

menten introduces a new partner providing high availability solution

Bergisch Gladbach, 28.01.2014 – menten GmbH, a leading provider of EDI and data conversion solutions, kick starts the New Year by announcing a new business partnership with QSL Northern Europe. The youngest member of menten’s partner network is an exclusive distributor of the QSL product line (Quick Software Line) offering, above all, excellent high availability and business continuity solutions for IBM Business Partners around the globe. In this context, the new cooperation partner perfectly aligns with menten’s business philosophy. QSL’s exclusive sales territory comprises not only the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Scandinavia, but also the distant region of Sri Lanka. The combination of high-quality QSL products and a team of skilled experts made numerous customers, as for instance Dallmayer, Dunlopillo or Fuji, choose QSL Northern Europe.

One of the main reasons for the positive market response to the QSL product line is the fact that the offered solution Quick-EDD/HA has proved to be highly reliable. Having this and many other valuable qualities in mind menten decided to embrace the new sales partnership with QSL Northern Europe.

Customers using Quick-EDD/HA enjoy the advantage of reliability at all times, since all of their data, applications and objects remain highly available, even in case of breakdowns or system failures. A further unique feature of the offered solution is the high-speed replication process, which makes sure that only the differences that have been detected in the comparison process are transmitted to the target system. The indisputable benefit of this technology is obvious: The bandwidth needed for the process is reduced to an absolute minimum. Searching for a faster replication process on the IBM Power i among the competition would be a clear waste of time. Last, but by no means least, it’s definitely worth mentioning that the high availability solution can be tested free of charge and with no obligations within a 30-day trial period – exactly as declared by QSL Northern Europe: “no cure, no pay!”.

“By incorporating the high availability solution QuickEDD/HA into our product assortment we can now cover a new field of expertise and optimize our product range as a provider of integrated solutions for IBM System i users.”, reports Ralph Menten, Managing Director at menten GmbH. “The goal of this collaboration is to combine our strengths in order to add value to our businesses, so that we can address and meet the future market demands increasingly better.