EDI Helpdesk IBM AS400 i‑effect<sup>®</sup>

New i‑effect® Helpdesk rolled out

More service, better documentation and faster help.

EDI IBM AS400 Helpdesk i‑effect<sup>®</sup>

menten GmbH is pleased to announce the launch of its new online help desk portal. From now on this brand new service called i‑effect® Helpdesk allows all users of the IBM i solution i‑effect® to quickly and easily access any given content of menten’s PDF documentation, which counts more than 1000 pages.

The new Helpdesk offers a comprehensive information center for any questions on our IBM i solution. Moreover, this central knowledge base is available anytime and anywhere, as it can be accessed form a PC, tablet or smartphone. It comprises numerous features like the advanced search function for finding any given text from the entire user manual, followed by our release notes and the latest i‑effect® downloads as well as a glossary and a news corner with the most recent reports on i‑effect® .

In addition, the previous support page listing all possible ways on how to contact menten’s helpline team is now a part of the new Helpdesk. In response to frequent customer feedback combined with growing requests we also decided to finally introduce the brand new i‑effect® ideas. By using this tool users can now forward their ideas and suggestions on how to improve the product directly to our software development team.

As this project continues to expand, we will soon introduce some further features including best practice and help videos.

IBM EDI AS400 Helpdesk i‑effect<sup>®</sup>

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