edi ibm as400 i‑effect<sup>®</sup> 2.7 New Features

The new i‑effect® version 2.7 is now available!

The entire team of menten GmbH is constantly working on the improvement and further development of the product i‑effect®. Therefore, the latest version 2.7 can now be presented, which should help menten GmbH and, above all, its customers to facilitate their daily work. Basically there are updates and developments in three different areas of i‑effect®: the new administration interface WebControl 3 including new functions without the use of EASYCOM, the revised graphical EDI-Mapper *MAPGUI and the new module *ZUGFeRD for processing and generating electronic invoices in the standardized ZUGFeRD format.

The first innovations of the new version concern the graphical administration interface WebControl 3. The design has been improved and because of the waive of the EASYCOM plugin, a noticeable performance improvement could be achieved. There is another important change in the user interface of Webcontrol: A separate certificate management. Through this integration, the i‑effect® overview of the keystore can be better kept by the users and, if necessary, certificates can be easily imported or exported. In general, it is not only through these factors, but also through the new possibility of creating a support ticket directly in web control, that the overall usability of the user interface has been improved. To enable the support to run even more smoothly in the future, it is now possible to create and track tickets directly in Webcontrol 3. It is also important that the required logs are automatically determined and entered into the ticket system by specifying the session number and the module. For future updates, it should also be noted that, thanks to the new version, WebControl 3 can now be updated directly via the web interface. No i‑effect® program update is necessary.

The second innovation of version 2.7 concern *MAPGUI (the graphical EDI-mapper). The menten GmbH team also carried out a visual update in which the design was standardized and the number of windows in the mapper was minimized. In addition, the module configuration has also been improved. In version 2.7 it now opens as a new window and the dialogs have been simplified and tidied up. Through these adaptations, Mappings should be created by the users more simply and more intuitive. An additional improvement in usability is also achieved by the one-click transmission. Within a click, it is now possible to transfer mappings to the i‑effect® server and generally upload them automatically. But not only the transfer of mappings to the server now goes faster, but also the running capability has improved significantly. *MAPGUI will now be available as a portable version, so it can run immediately and without installation. In addition, the new version now contains occurrences. With occurrences you can, regardless of the source, define the sequence in which the target segments are outputted. Finally, there is one last change in the new i‑effect® version 2.7. New tasks have been added to simplify workflows, so that you can create ZUGFeRD-PDF files during Mapping.

The latest innovation in version 2.7 is therefore the availability of the new module *ZUGFERD. Electronic invoices can now also be created and processed in this format. In the existing PDF, all important invoice data are embedded in XML format in a hidden part. Through the use of this format, menten GmbH makes it easier for their customers to handle all incoming and outgoing invoice processes, thus saving time, effort and costs for printing, enveloping and shipping. Thanks to the seamless integration into i‑effect® and its modules, the data can now be easily created for the outgoing invoices and processed for the invoice receipt. (You can get more information about ZUGFeRD at our sales department.)

You can find more information about all the updates and developments of version 2.7 at the: [page id=10|text=Release-Notes] or under our Release Notes.