AS2 keystore infographic

You can either profit step by step or with the complete EDI solution, which can be completely automated by the *SERVER module. The internet is the most modern and cost-saving data transfer channel for companies, which exchange EDI messages with their trading partners.

The EDIINT AS2 protocol (Applicability Statement 2) was developed to put electronic business communication using the internet on a most reliable and secure basis. AS2 is the starting point for electronic data exchange.

Internet-based communication with signatures and encryption. The standardized communication channel for secure EDI.

Companies can save on high monthly transaction costs associated with Value Added Networks (VAN) by switching from classical EDI to EDI over the internet (EDI-INT, Electronic Data Interchange Internet Integration). The time that was used to correct mistakes in business transactions is now unnecessary, because of the security techniques of EDIINT AS2.

For Companies of all Branches

i‑effect® *AS2 appeals to companies of all branches. Large trade chains have already recognized the value of EDIINT AS2 and expect their partners and suppliers to use AS2. This trend is confirmed by notable AS2 customers of menten GmbH such as Spedition Kleine, Trinks GmbH, and DACHSER GmbH & Co. Logistics giant, KG. DACHSER exchanges EDI data with its business partners, for instance Globus, Conmetall, Symrize, Compudata and GAH Alberts using AS2 with i‑effect®. Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese, Europe‘s leading supplier of frozen bakery products, also switched to EDI over internet. AS2’s performance was also success-fully tested with T-Systems, Wrigley, and OBI.

Apart from the communication with AS2, i‑effect® also embraces modules to communicate via the protocols OFTP, FTP and X.400 (Telebox).


  • Unlimited number of sending and receiving transactions; asynchronous/ synchronous acknowledgement of receipt (MDN)
  • Gateway support X.400
  • Native IBM i
  • Transfer via HTTP with optional SSL (HTTPS)
  • Multiple-to-multiple send and receipt, unlimited multiple connections
  • Certificate manager
  • X.509 v3 certificate (PKI)
  • Digital signature and encryption – combined with i‑effect® *CRYPT
  • Monitoring of the automated EDIINT AS2 workflow
  • Flexible methods for enter-prise application integration (commands, file monitoring)
  • Logbook (detailed protocol on all sessions and activities)
  • Automatic restart in case of transmission cut-off and logging functions
  • Expandable to bidirectional message conversion from in-house formats into partner specific formats; all EDIFACT formats and integration of ERP is supported (EDI, FlatFile, SAP IDOC, etc.)

Apart from the communication with AS2, i‑effect® also embraces modules to communicate via the protocols *OFTP, *FTP and X.400 (Telebox).

AS2 Gateway

Telebox users save big by transferring their data using the AS2 Gateway of T-Systems. EDI messages are still transmitted to the same X.400 addresses of their partners; No configurations must be made on the partner’s side. Trading partners can transfer their data as usual, without having access to the AS2 Gateway. The data is routed through the AS2 Gateway to the new AS2 Port.

i‑effect® *AS2 is the native IBM i application for data transfer via EDI-INT AS2. The highly integrated modules *TELEBOX and *AS2 can also be combined. As business partner of T-Systems, we will help you set up your AS2 Gateway.For detaild information please go to our dowlnoad sections and choose 'Useful Downloads'.

AS2 Gateway

  • Transmits every type of business documents
  • Flexible use
  • Uses universal standard technology
  • High security standards
  • Fast ROI due to low operating costs
  • Fast implementation
  • De facto standard for B2B messaging
  • High availability
  • Security: data cannot be opened in transit
  • Reliable and uncontestable due to transmission/reception confirmation (MDN)li>
  • Integrity: data protected against manipulation
  • Authenticity of sender and recipient guaranteed