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When combined with the EDI converter i‑effect® *EDIFACT, i‑effect® *OFTP offers a communication component for your complete EDI solution on the IBM Power Systems. With the *FLATFILE module you can convert your ERP in-house data (including SAP IDOC) bi-directionally into EDIFACT. *OFTP can be combined with all other i‑effect® modules so that you can convert and compress your IBM i data according to the particular workflow and distribute them cross-platform.

*OFTP is RFC 2204 compliant and in line with the 4914/2 recommendation of the VDA (Association of German automotive industry).

Background to OFTP

OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) is the protocol for point-to-point data transfer, which was originally developed for electronic business communication between the automotive industry and its suppliers.

In many European countries, OFTP is known as ODETTE (the name originally stands for Organization for Data Exchange Through Teletransmission in Europe). The ODETTE organization, established by the European automotive industry, creates standards for e-business communication, electronic data interchange, and logistics management. OFTP is used for payment transactions systems between banks and companies (clearing), in the chemical industry, and transportation. OFTP meets 4914/2 recommendation of the VDA (The German Association of the Automotive Industry).


All *OFTP functions can be menu-controlled or completely automated by the *SERVER module.

  • Data exchange via modem, X.25, ISDN, or direct TCP/IP connection
  • Secure transport through access protection with OFTP password and a globally unique Odette-ID
  • Automatic restart in case of a transmission cut-off
  • Access to IE-Box (GXS)
  • Sending and receiving (active and passive)
  • Logbook (detailed protocol on all sessions and activities)
  • In combination the with modules *ZIP and *CRYPT, data can be compressed offline and encrypted according to AES standard