Encounter the heterogeneity of modern communication: i‑effect® not only transmits using the HTTP standard protocol, it uses internet protocols e.g. EDIINT AS2, FTP, and SMTP (E-Mail, E-Fax). The X.400 (Telebox) and OFTP transport protocols are also covered.

The hypertext transfer protocol, HTTP, was the first method that was used for transmission between web server and browser in TCP/IP networks and on the internet. HTTP is a low-cost and wide spread method for point-to-point data exchange. It is also used in EDI communication.

Trading partners exchange user id and passwords to log in on the partner’s HTTP server. i‑effect® *HTTP is the IBM i native HTTP connector for data exchange between IBM Power Systemen and other computer systems.


All *HTTP functions can be controlled using menu or fully automated by the i‑effect® module *SERVER

  • Transmission TCP/IP – HTTP
  • Server authentication
  • Client authentication
  • SSL encryption (HTTPS)
  • Partner-steered automation
  • Converting into EBCDIC
  • Calling any function automatically, event-driven or according to a schedule through module *SERVER
  • Automatic restart in case of trans-mission cut-off
  • Logbook (detailed protocol on all sessions and activities)