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Flatfile – Integration of ERP in EDI:

The i‑effect® module *FLATFILE converts database and IFS files to any desired falt file type - directly on the IBM Power Systems (System i, iSeries, AS/400. Converting flat files gives you the possibility to integrate your internal buisness ERP files into your EDI: The i‑effect® EDI converter provides a flexible definition of flat file directories. Database records are saved as plain ADCII text files (e.g. EB2, MySQL, ORacle...) to any imaginable inhouse formats as well as to read the data from these formats. The flat file module connects your database with other ERP systems.

*FLATFILE functions:

  • Any2Any conversion
  • All flat files
  • ERP connection e.g. SAP IDOC
  • SAP directory import/export via Gentran-XML
  • Freely definable FLATFILE definitions based on a fixed data or record length
  • Definable repetitions of record
  • Definable groups of records
  • Defining data types for data fields
  • Write/read from/to QSYS
  • Ignore empty data fields while reading/writing
  • Correct incomplete data fields while reading
  • Definable end of record character
  • Determining the CCSID to be used

Please note:

Standard UN-EDIFACT format descriptions are included in the i‑effect® software maintenance service; any others can be obtained by the customer for an extra charge according to menten's range of services. An existing customer XSD can be used for i‑effect® *XML. For further information please contact our sales team.