As a consequence, sending faxes is often not connected with a company’s electronic communication. In such a case,the fax becomes an isolated application for in-house use only, which in addition, is expensive to maintain. With i‑effect® *FAX, you can send any of your system’s print versions directly from the IBM Power Systems easily as an e-mail using an internet fax gateway. By consolidating your communications network with internet fax (no modem, no data transmission interface, no telephone extension), you save on operating and maintenance costs of fax machines.

Cost-effective eFax mass transit - without hardware and server

No more costs for a separate fax line. International fax transmission is now practically free of charge. SMS transmission is included with the i‑effect® *FAX module.


All *FAX functions can be menu-driven or completely automated by the *SERVER module.

  • Native IBM Power Systems application
  • Faxing spooled files directly from the spool overview
  • Status information
  • Logbook recording all processes and hints referring to status reports of the internet fax provider received by e-mail

Simplify and accelerate your fax workflow

With i‑effect® *FAX, there are no more trips to the fax machine. Forwarding and storage of faxes is done as fast and easily as sending and storing e-mails. In combination with i‑effect® *ZIP, you can manage faxes in a space-saving ZIP archive and integrate them into your electronic document management.

With i‑effect® *SERVER, all fax transmission processes can be automated according to a schedule or event, regardless if it is a regular bulk mailing or a single transmission. Regular and time-critical transmission tasks are guaranteed, even if an unexpected or longer staff shortage occurs.