Extra security for communication and signature

Limited resources and concerns about administration costs are the main obstacles. i‑effect®, the data integration solution, can help eliminate these obstacles.

The i‑effect® *CRYPT module is an elegant solution integrated into your workflow for signing and encrypting sensitive business data directly on the IBM Power Systems for local storage and external distribution.

Advanced security with SFTP & FTPS

The i‑effect® *CRYPT module supports in conjunction with *FTP - both the SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and the FTPS (FTP over SSL) functionality. This provides more security for file transfer and confidential data stream. FTPS enables encryption over SSL by using additionally defined security extensions to the FTP protocol, whereas SFTP provides authentication and encryption using SSH. This way a secure transfer is established preventing passwords and sensitive data from being transmitted in plaintext form.


digital signature and verifying signature

  • PDF documents
  • any files
  • e-mail communication (SMIME)
  • AS2 communication
  • multiple signature for PDF documents
  • viewable and covered signature for PDF documents
  • automatic scaling of signature size
  • signature algorithm: RSA ( Hash SHA-1, MD5 )
  • PKCS#7 signature for PDF documents
  • certification format: X.509 v3, DER and PEM coded

qualified electronic signature (*SIGG)

  • PDF documents
  • files p7m (PKCS#7 S/MIME multipart-signed), p7s (PKCS#7 signed data)

encryption and decryption

  • files (symmetrical by AES, asymmetrical by 3DES)
  • AES (256 bit), 168 bit Triple-DES, RSA (512-2048 bit)
  • e-mail communication (content + transport [SSL])
  • AS2 communication (content + transport [SSL])
  • cross-platform